We have differences cultures and of course our etiquette rules are not the same everywhere. It is not the problem if you come from Europe, Asia or South America there are some rules that you have to respect wherever you are.

1. First and foremost, having good manners is a must. Please and thank you never go out of style.

2. Be punctual, or better yet be a little bit early. Maybe you know that your colleagues will come late, it does not matter, you have to be on time.

3. Dress appropriately. If you are uncertain of what to wear, dress on the conservative side.

4. Come prepared to participate in discussions and activities. Do not give the impression that you are not on interested enough.

5. Upon entering the meeting, glance around the room and acknowledge other attendees. Familiarize yourself with colleagues and managers and make a note of the person who is chairing the meeting.

6. Turn off all  text messages, cell calls and emails, do it for the duration of a meeting. You can live without it. Remember this meeting is the most important thing on your agenda right now.

7. Don’t interrupt the chair when the meeting is in progress. Take notes so you will be prepared to speak up when the time is right.

8. When you do speak out, be clear, concise, and stay on topic. Don’t be afraid to present your point of view, but always be respectful of the point of view of others.

9. Information exchanged in a meeting is generally considered confidential among those attending the meeting. Unless you are certain that the subject matter is common knowledge, it is best not to discuss issues with those that were not in attendance.

10. Positive energy. Your attitude have to be positive all the time. You are there to made business not to destroy your agenda and possibilities to do future business.

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