Shall we continue talking about China Business Etiquette. This is part of what you muss know about China Culture if you want to export your wine to China.

Address a person using his or her family name only, such as Mr. Wan or Ms. Yu. The Chinese family name comes first. A one or a two-syllable given name follows a family name. For example, in the case of Wan Yixian, War is the family name and Yixian is the given name.

Sometimes, it is traditionally acceptable to call a Chinese person by the surname, together with a title, for example: «Director Wang» or «Chairman Li.» Do not using someone’s given name unless you have known him or her for a long period of time. Chinese Culture is based in Respect  and manners is a sign of respect.

Relationship need time so do not try to become too friendly too soon, and, please, do not insist that your Chinese counterparts address you by your given name.

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