China is not only a consumer of wines from around the world, but also a producer of wine. Wine of fresh grapes in China in 2010 exported wines for a total of 1,462,416 liters to a value of U.S. $ 24,417,322. This represents an increase of 258% in dollar value and a decrease of 1.49% in volume.
The main destinations of export volumes are France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Burma, among other countries in smaller proportions. The average price per liter was U.S. $ 16.70.
Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified wines; Grape heading 2204 (except that of heading 2009)
Wines of tariff 220 410 (sparkling wine) These wines in 2010 represented 6.25% of total export volume, an increase of 11.57% in liters and the 46.37% decline in the dollar relative to 2009. The main destinations were Indonesia, Hong Kong, Nigeria and the Philippines. These wines are sold at an average price of 6.97 U.S. dollars per liter.
Wines of tariff 220 421 (in containers not exceeding 2 liters) 80% increase in sales volumes accounted for this tariff wines with a rise of 3.64% compared to 2009. The dollar value increased by 337% and represented 96% of total exports from China. The main countries of destination of these wines were Hong Kong, France, Netherlands and Burma, among others. These wines are sold at an average price of $ 20 per liter.
220,429 Wine tariff heading (other) wines of this tariff accounted for 13.40% of total imported liters and 0.86% of total dollars, showing, in 2010, falling from 27% to 9% respectively. The destinations were France, Germany, Egypt and Hong Kong. The average price was 1.07 dollars per liter.
Other grape tariff item 220 430 (excluding those of heading 2009) according to the records are not musts exportron this item in 2010.
Grape juice (Most Item 2009)
Brix value exceeding 30 (Must Tariff sulfite-220 961) The main destination countries for exports of these musts were Hong Kong (96%), Macao, Russia and North Korea. The average sales price was $ 970 per tonne. Exports in 2010 rose 1.73% in volume and 10% in FOB value compared to the same period in 2009.
Other (Must Concentrate-Tariff 220 969) 51% of the tonnage sold was destined to Thailand, Taiwan 33% and 13% Japan. The total volume exported by China in 2010 increased 13.65% over the previous year. The dollar value shrank 13%. These musts were traded at an average price of U.S. $ 2,020 a tonne.
Fresh grapes (Item 080 610) foreign sales of fresh grapes in 2010 fell by 10.74% over the previous year and amounted tons on 22.30% in dollars. The main markets for this product were Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia and Indonesia, among others. It traded at an average of $ 1,170 per tonne.
Raisins (Item 080620) The main destinations were Japan, United Kingdom, Poland and Australia, among others. In 2010 dropped 3.60% in volume and sales grew 7% in dollars compared to 2009. The average value was U.S. $ 1,760 a tonne.