China wine market is the biggest one in Asia. Which are the wine drinking habits? How people drink wine in China? Does they prefer red wines or white wines? What do you have to know to export wine to China?

Shall we start with the Drinking Habits.

China is a vast country with more than 1.3 billion people, making it difficult to generalize drinking habits. However, there are some common practices and traditions. In the past, consumption of alcoholic beverages was reserved for special occasions and celebrations. Alcohol was consumed with family members and relatives following certain rituals as a sign of respect. This practice still continues today among older generations.

However, drinking is now a less formal activity and is a means of relaxation as well as an excuse for friends to get together and socialize. As a result of China’s one child policy, the country has a sizeable portion of young people who, as only children, have less family obligations and financial responsibilities. Therefore, a greater proportion of their income can be spent on personal consumption. Young Chinese are also more receptive to Western products and willing to try out new drinks.

Although off-trade sales for stores and home consumption make up the greater percentage of overall sales, alcohol is increasingly consumed in on-trade premises, such as in bars and restaurants despite higher on-trade prices. In many ways, alcohol consumption outside the home has become more of a lifestyle statement for young people and the wealthy. Consumption of alcoholic beverages has also risen among women. Rising incomes, especially in urban areas, have led to greater demand for high quality prestigious products that can demonstrate wealth and convey higher status. In urban areas, there is also greater receptiveness to new types of alcoholic beverages, niche products and imported drinks. Alcoholic beverages accompany meals and are frequently served during business functions.

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