China Wine Market. China Ranked Top Asian Wine Consumer Markets in 2011. China Wine – Asia Wine Market. Export-Import.

News about how to export – Import wine to China. Chine Wine import growing and now is the biggest wine market in Asia.
China wine imports increased dramastically since 2011.It has just surpassed Japan as the biggest wine consumption market in Asia.
However, domestic wine producers have to face heavy pressure and violent competition from foreign counterparts due to more and more imported wines rushing into China market.
Statistics show that China wine imports broke the record , reached over 40 million liters for the 12 months ended 30, June, 2011. China has been the most focused wine market for France, Germany, Italy, Chile and etc.
Wine grapes output also grows rapidly in China ,including Shandong province, Shangrila of Yu nan province, Xi zang and other wine regions. In order to scramble for the large market shares, Chinese wine enterprises have been improving wine quality and quantity and boosting sales by increase investment, technical improvement, advertisement and sales promotion.

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