Some interested news from Central China.
On 24 Nov, ASC hosts a fine wine tasting in Wuhan Jingjiang Grand Hotel. 83 imported wines from old and new worlds are exhibited and tasted. Chinese costumer could meet some famous brand names like:
  • Chateau Lafite Rothschild
  • Penfolds
  • Santa Rita
  • Wolf Blass
From the French Consulate General in Wuhan Philippe Autier attends the tasting and tells that China has become the biggest market for Bordeaux wine. According to the data of June 2011, wine exported to China from Bordeaux had grown by 85% to the same time of last year. Comparing to coast regions of China, Wuhan-central part of China- may seem a little lagged in the development. But it is very appealling to start wine business for more and more local enterprises.
Now the Hubei Province, that Wuhan as the capital city, is experiencing great changing in wine industry, with more and more wine shops and franchised stores being seen on many streets of Wuhan.
French wine is no longer the only player in the market, there are more and more its competitors. For the first half of 2011, according to the China Customs data, the country has imported wines: 49,820 kilolitre from France, 135,20 kilolitre from Australia、8,590 kilolitre from Italy 5,940 kilolitre from Usa and 7,720 kilolitre from Spain. The yearly growth rates are: 71%, 22%, 79%, 22% and 89%.