How to Export Wine to China? Cava is a very good example, there are last figures.
Sales of Cava sparkling wine have risen by almost 3% in volume terms for the first nine months of 2011, new figures show. Cava grows in China with volumes up by 115%.
Wines from Spain announced on 21st December that global sales of Cava reached 152m bottles for the nine months to the end of September, up by 2.8% on the same period of 2010.
Cava volume sales grows significantly outside Spain, with export volumes up by 3% to 94.7m bottles. Domestic volumes rose by 2.45%. Germany has emerged as clearly the largest export market for Cava, with volumes sales to the country up by 3.8% over the nine months, to 23.8m bottles. Volumes in the UK, meanwhile, fell by 3% to 19m bottles.
Russia and Brazil showed strong growth too, with volumes up by 60% and 49% respectively.