As I always say China is not the only Wine Consumer in Asia.  There are a lot of opportunities to Export your Wine to Asia, not only to Export Wine to CHINA. If your are prepare to Export your Wine for Asia may be you can think about prepare your Wines for Thailand and Export them to this country.

You must know the wine sector structure in Thailand.

I will try to help you. Here you can find some information about meetings in Thailand. Business meetings in Thailand are not the same as China business meetings.


  • Avoid business visits during the New Year Festivals (both the Chinese and Thai ones).
  • Heavy traffic is the most common excuse for tardiness.
  • Business cards are always exchanged at the first meeting. It is important to carry plenty; failure to offer a business card may make Thais suspicious of your position and authority. Be sure your card indicates your position and responsibility. And be sure to have your personal information in Thai on the back of the card. Don‟t throw or slide your card.
  • Begin initial meetings with casual conversation on such topics as your travels, the beauties of Thailand, possibly questions about your counterpart‟s overseas experiences.
  • Avoid topics relating to politics, the royal family, and religion. A little praise of the country and the Thai people goes a long way.
  • Never touch or point with your feet. It is consider rude to cross your legs and point your feet at someone. Thais place a great importance on appearance and politeness.
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