News from the Rioja. How to improve your Wine Exports to Asia and specifically China. Export Wine to China. What are the activities of some wine producers in Spain.
For example, the Rioja.
To consolidate its presence in the Chinese market the Regulatory Council of La Rioja has organized a special promotion in 60 sales points in the cities of: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Tianjin, Taicang and Fushun. It aims to increase brand awareness among consumers Rioja and stimulate sales. How? through the gift of a wooden box, two glasses, a corkscrew and a prospectus. In addition to coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations.

Currently, there are 111 wineries in Rioja exporting to China, which in 2011 sold over a million and a half liters in a market that has one of the average selling prices higher (5.30 euros per liter).

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