How to sell wine? How to export wine? sector news. The European Commission confirms that the appellation ‘La Rioja Argentina «can not be used in the European Union because it would violate the protection afforded to Spanish wine’ Rioja ‘.

The European Community recalls that the DOC Rioja is protected in Australia, Chile, South Africa and U.S. for bilateral agreements As for now the name ‘La Rioja Argentina’ is not protected in the European Union can not be used for Argentinian wines in the EU market.

Why? Because violate the Designation of Origin (DOC) Rioja.  

What are Argentinas options? Argentina could try to protect their designation in the EU through the registration procedure laid down in legislation on the common organization of agricultural markets An agreement with the ‘Twenty’ for the mutual protection of geographical indications.

In either case, they will need more than 6 months to reach a solution. The European Commission pointed out, that the DOC ‘Rioja’ is protected in Australia, Chile, South Africa, USA and other countries through bilateral agreements with the Union. «In the event that Argentina would like to protect your name in third countries, they should inform the European Union, which would then be in position to react.»

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