How to Sell Wine in China? Export Wine to China. China want to produce quality wine.

The government of Ningxia will invite 10 foreign winemakers to visit this fall and each make a red wine and a white wine, with the best ones eligible for prizes that total rmb200,000  –  about USD30,000 or EUR25,000.

They have a project they called the Ningxia Wine Challenge, it was initiated by Cao Kailong, (director of the region’s Bureau of Grape and Floriculture Industry).

Ningxia is in northwestern China and includes the area east of the Helan Mountains, home to dozens of wineries that are increasingly attracting the attention of wine critics and performing well in competitions. Cao says the goals of the Ningxia Wine Challenge include increasing the region’s global profile and bringing its winemakers together with their foreign counterparts to exchange ideas and practices.

The 10 foreign winemakers will travel to Ningxia on August 31 to attend the inaugural Helan Mountain Wine Festival, starting August 31, and participate in the grape harvest.

Each winemaker will select grapes from the same vineyard and produce wines using the same facility.The organizers will cover the costs of transportation and accommodation and, when not in Ningxia, the winemakers will have contacts in the region who can check on the wine and perform other tasks.