How to Start Your Export Business?
In order to start your export business you need to carry out market research. This is a very important aspect of export business. Your market research tasks should include the following:

  • The product or service you plan to sell.
  • Your aimed end-user or whether your niche group is mass-market consumer, light industry, heavy industry, government, medical or hospital use, business or Professionals.
  • The countries you plan to export.
  • The trade channel you plan to use it.

Once you find an importer for your goods you need to go about in the following way:

  • Give the importer a quote on your merchandise; if necessary you must negotiate.
  • Procure the letter of credit from your bank.
  • Meet the terms of the letter of credit. This usually includes merchandise manufactured if necessary; taking care   of shipping and insurance arrangements; complete packing and transportation.
  • Receive shipping documents
  • Present shipping documents to your bank.

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