Here be are some tips that you should read before you began business in Mexico.
In Mexico, personal relationships are at the heart of most business dealings. Take the time to cultivate strong, long-term relationships.
Mexican companies have a strong hierarchical structure. Then boss-subordinate relationship is a reciprocal one. In exchange for loyalty, the boss takes a personal interest in the well-being of subordinates.
Mexicans are also ‘North Americans’.
Key decisions are made by a small number of individuals at the top of the hierarchy. Ensure that you are dealing with the right people.
Make sure that you send people of the appropriate level of seniority to deal with Mexican colleagues.
Managers tend to be instructional and are expected to give direct instructions to subordinates.
Try not to criticize others openly in meetings as this could be construed as an insult and have a very bad long-term impact on your relationships in Mexico.
Do not be surprised if standards of punctuality do not meet your expectations.
Agendas are not always used in meetings and if they are produced will not always be strictly followed.
Overt displays of emotion are not frowned upon – they show commitment and engagement.
Do not be surprised if small, sub-meetings develop within larger formal meetings.
English is widely spoken and many people speak it fluently. English is not, however, universally spoken and interpreters can be needed on occasion if you don’t speak Spanish.
Family names are often used in business circles amongst even quite close colleagues.
Formal titles such as Ingenerio (Engineer) are also commonly used in business.
People stand much closer to each other than many other cultures.
It is important to be smartly dressed in both business and social situations.
Now you are ready for a meeting in Mexico. Vamos allá!!

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