Business tips.
I try to give you the best tips I learned,
1-Business appointments should be arranged well in advance.
2-A clear statement of the purpose of the meeting can sometimes help when visiting Chile for the first time.
3-If you do not speak Spanish so well, it is better if you go with a interpreter. They will understand it.
4-Chileans are generally punctual and expect the same from visitors.
5-Personal contacts do play a special role in Chile and can make the difference between finding an open or closed door.
6-When conducting business, consideration must be taken with dressing well, as it is a priority in Chile and is perceived as a sign of respect. Dress conservatively and formally. Be aware that the ‘business casual’ look (ie. sports coat, khakis, casual shoes) will not be well-received. Men should wear suits (blue or grey), white shirts, and conservative ties.

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