How to export to Singapore, here a general market vison will serve you to know it. If you want to Export your fine Wines there you must know the Wine Market in Singapure.
The segment of the wines from the lower price is made up primarily of new world wines from Australia from then, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. This also applies with regard to the segment average price for the wines, which is growing. The wines are mainly from Europe, plus a few wines from Australia and Chile, which still have difficulty in penetrating the market as it is dominated by mature clients who prefer the quality of European wines.

The diversification of the wine sector in Singapore has developed somewhat in recent years and it is now possible to find wines from all over the world. Some of the biggest Italian labels are here, along with a wider selection of wines from France, Australia, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, etc.. For most distributors, which in Singapore are more than 400, it is crucial to re-export in the region, because the domestic market is too small to be sustainable in the long term.
France is the largest supplier of wine and its presence in the market is stable and long-time: this has facilitated its success, even if consumers do not appreciate fully the younger French wines in part to the language barrier and the complexity of the labels, oriented more toward wines from the new world. Wines from Australia were advertised and promoted intensively at the time of their introduction into the market, and, although now the promotional effort has been reduced, persist promotional activities such as dinners aimed at the promotion of Australian wine, wine tastings and fairs. The Australian wine producers also regularly visit Singapore to keep alive relationships with importers and retailers.Austrade Singapore, with the support of Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation offers a regular series of programs: the Singapore-Australian Wine Education Awards (Sawe), for example, was established in 1993 and is organized with the collaboration of SHATEC, Singapore and Tourism Education Centre and Singapore Australian Wine Importers Group (IG SA W). With the objective of investing in young staff working in the hospitality industry by emphasizing the quality and philosophy of Australian wine, the Award aims to spread knowledge of wine among young people in the hospitality and catering industry, and therefore in an ideal position to pass the message to the general public.
The winemakers of New Zealand is proposed on the Singapore market by relying on their good reputation and image of a nation can produce green wines from a fully sustainable. Their marketing strategy aims to demonstrate and emphasize both the employees at the industry that consumers with the qualities and values ​​unique to New Zealand, and to create the conviction, even through the mediation of the local media, that prices for New Zealand wines are commensurate with their quality. According to the agency for foreign trade from New Zealand New Zealand Trade and Enterprise New Zealand in Singapore is known for the quality of its wines distributed in stores that sell, restaurants and hotels, with a preference for Sauvignon Blanc and growing interest in Pinot Noir and aromatic wines such as Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Winemakers of California, which ranks in the mid to low end, you are advertising through a brochure that promotes the combination of local food with the wines they produce.

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