News form China’s Wine market. Wine consuming habit in China. You must know your competitors to sale your products. You must know the habit of your clients. Which habits of Wine consumption have the Chinese? China’s Wine Market.

Chinese favor to drink a bottle of wine to match with all the food, one more bottle at most. But, foreign consumers like to enjoy four or five kinds of wine to match with different dishes, for western foods usually serving course by course.

As we know Chinese people prefer red wine to white, which is regarded as the inferior drinks in China, because of the color red and its symbols in the traditional Chinese culture.

Data showed dry red still leading an overall sales volume in China. Even in the relative sophisticated city, such as Shanghai, the consumption of dry red is much more than dry white with the former accounted for 85% -90% of total wine consumption.

In other cities like Xiamen, dry red as an 71.6% sales share, cidar wine 12.6%, which is impacted by local wine consumption guide.

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