Latest Research on consumption of Champagne in China. News from China’s Wine Market. To be able to export your fine Wines to China, you must know quite well your Market. In this case China’s Wine Market. Export Wine to China, Export Wine to Asia.

Latest research on consumption of Champagne in China commissioned by CIVC owed the fast development and huge potential of Champagne in China market.

Significant minorities in China drank champagne, with 96.7% of respondents ever drank champagne, 59.1% said drank more than twice in the past year, 8.9% drank twice, 14.4% drank once, 17.6% never drank.
In the research, 24.1% said they paid up to RMB 300yuan for a bottle of champagne,  54.0% paid 300-500 yuan, 14.9% purchased champagne at 500-1000yuan, and 7.1% spend more than 1000 yuan on a bottle of champagne.
 It is reported that the price of champagne are generally not less than 400 yuan a bottle due to the special brewing technique and rigor storage conditions. Fine champagne are more expensive.
According to Frankie Zhao, famous Chinese wine expert, the high price of champagne can be influenced by many factors:
  • The complicated brewing process and workmanship
  • The higher purchase price of winegrapes, which has been up to over 5 euros/kg since 2008.
When it comes to the sparkling wine, 79.4% said ever drank it,including  Chinese sparkling wine(30.8%), French sparkling wine (29.0%), Spanish sparkling wine (20.1%) and Italian sparkling wine (10.0%).