Email Marketing. Use to export.

We can resume the factors which are critical in ten. There are multiple factors that are critical to successful email marketing campaign but all can be summarized in ten basis points.

Although some may seem obvious, many companies do not comply and email marketing strategies fail to be 100% effective or directly fail.

In addition, the changing reality in terms of technology and user habits requires being constantly adapting, and this task is much easier if you have very clear these ten commandments of email marketing:

1. Do not send emails to people who do not expect
The first question to ask yourself before preparing any email marketing campaign is: does the recipient really expect or wish to receive my email?

2. Keep your database clean and sound

The database is the cornerstone of your email marketing, so I cherish the most. A person who no longer want to receive your emails, you do not care to have it in your base (remember rule number 1), so do not complicate your life to unsubscribe.

3. Treat your users as customers and not as simple email addresses

Think what relationship you have with your customers and choose the right shade to talk to them in your emails. Customize emails for the relationship to be closer, and «hear» what users want to say. This requires configuring a reply-to address and try to read and respond to emails that you send.
Try also add value to your users, not just bomb them with promotional offers.

4. Always identify a clear

Name of sender, senders, logos, images, links, … customers have to recognize the first!

5. Continually monitors the performance of your campaigns

A database is continually changing, and so must quickly identify these changes and adapt your strategy. Analyze and understand statistics you provide platforms emailing EmailForge marketing as you will come on the needs of your users and your email marketing remains effective.
For this it is essential that your email marketing provider help you make the most of this information and collaborate with you on improving your strategy.

6. Analyze your behavior and adapt your strategy BBDD

The first task is segmentation: using all the data you have about your customers to segment your database into homogeneous groups that share buying habits and perceive your brand in a similar way. The mass emailing is dead, so you have to adapt your speech to each segment and customize your campaigns.

7. Take care designing your email

The visual identity is very important to reinforce your message and build trust.

8. Innova, surprises and try not to bore

If your open and click rates fall, it is probably because your recipients have been bored or because your posts are disappointed. You must be able to grasp and hold the attention of your users. Both issues such as design, time sent, the type of emails, offers … you can and should experiment with almost any item in your emails, to impact users.

9. Think mobile

Your communications will have to adapt to this new environment and that at least 30% of your recipients will open your email on your mobile phone. So send a simple HTML is not enough if you want that 100% of your recipients can see you.
The «responsive email design» can help you adapt your message depending on which carrier you use each recipient to open it.

10. Work with a professional and reliable technology partner

The work of your email marketing provider is not limited to provide you with the submission tool, but must inform and advise you to grow your email marketing strategy.
Make sure also that the platform you use email marketing follow all good engineering (feedbackloop agreements, detection and automatic cleaning Hardbounces, technical identification of the emails, etc..), Which will directly impact your shipments.

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