How to start a export-import business in South Korea? How to afront a export-import meeting? Which are the rules? What does Korean expect from you?

South Korea exudes an intriguing blend of traditional values and modernism. On one hand you will find huge skyscrapers and innovative gadgets; on the other hand, the ancient Buddhist temples, historic art work, and age-old customs will surely attract your attention. South Korea’s capital,Seoul, is the world’s second-largest metropolitan area.

Business tips

First meetings can often be completely dominated by the need to start the relationship-building process.

Initial contacts with Korea can amount to little more than preliminary, polite skirmishes, which are designed to commence the all-important process of relationship building.

Korean society is based on Confucianist beliefs, which means respect for superiors and parents, duty to the family, loyalty to friends, humility, sincerity and courtesy.

Building relationshipsKoreans want to do business with people they have a personal connection with.

The first meeting is essential in order to create a rewarding and long-term business relationship.

Don’t be too pushy. Korean business people are reputed internationally to be good negotiators.

Koreans are hard team workers, it is important to create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

It is unusual to meet women in senior roles in Korea

Make sure you are understood. Speak slowly and clearly and repeat any points that you want to be sure they understand.

Punctuality is important.

Legal documents – legal documents are not as important in Korea as they are in Spain as trust plays a far greater role.

Business cards should be left on the table in front of you for easy reference. When translating your card into Korean it is only necessary to translate your name and title

Gift giving is an endemic part of Korean business life. Do not open the gift in front of the giver.

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