Argentina exports up 7% from the U.S. and is now the fourth country exports more wine to Americans

For the first time Argentina than in Chile in the share market and managed to become the fourth country in the ranking of imported bottled wine in the United States as a result of this strong growth, according to figures from Wines of Argentina.

United States and Brazil were the most important markets for their contribution to the growth of Argentine exports of bottled.
Both have grown in this period, a 36’6% and 8.6% respectively. For the U.S. market is more than two percentage points in 2010, when 6 out of 10 new bottleswere the two countries.
In a second step for their contribution to growth is located Netherlands, Mexico and China. Significant increases were also observed in other Latin American countries like Paraguay, Peru and Colombia and in several Asian markets (region in which China overtook Japan as the main destination for Argentine wines).

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