How to Export Wine to Argentina? As we know, if you want to export your wine another country, in this case Argentina should know your market, leading figures, production, customers, etc..In this case we know who are the main customers of Argentine wineries.U.S., Canada and Brazil are the main customers for Wine Argetina. Among the three capture more than half of sales came from outside this country. Specificallyaccounted for 56% of such income for this purpose between January and November last year.
According to Wines of Argentina in the $ S660, 4 million FOB invoiced in the first eleven months of 2011 by selling bottled wine abroad in the bottle (11.6% overthe same period in 2010), or $ S369, 47 million were for these three destinations.Match these on the most demanded Malbec, Argentina typical strain and the mostexported, with 44.7% of the money paid for wine in the bottle.
1-United States, which accounted for 35.7% of the total, add U $ S235, 56 million.Also expanded its share from a year ago, increasing by 15.6% local bottle shopin cash and 3.3% in volume to 6.5 million nine-liter cases.
2-Canada, generated 11.2% of the total by adding U $ S73, 78 million, but fell by2.7% paid their money and the gallons purchased 15.2% over the same period of 2010.
3-Brazil, with 9.1% of foreign exchange (u $ s60, 12 million) a year to buy 22.1% more money came in and demand a 5% increase in gallons.
Remember that this year to facilitate international trade, Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, Georgia, USA and Australia, signed a memorandum which avoidsunnecessary certification of the composition of the wine.