Many people adopt a preventative healthcare approach to maintaining healthier lives combining traditional and alternative therapies within their healthcare programs. This has resulted in the wide use of supplements, traditional remedies and other natural healthcare products.
In Asian markets, nutritional supplements (including vitamins and slimming products) are in high demand. Increasing concerns for disease prevention and a rapidly growing aging population are major factors to drive demand for nutritional supplements.
In other markets, herbal and homeopathic medicines, nutraceuticals are key growth products.
Key opportunities for natural healthcare providers exist in Asia – Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam – and in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. For example: Taiwan is an exciting market for nutritional supplements. Over 82 per cent of the Taiwanese population uses nutritional supplements of some type.
The following are the most popular nutritional supplement products:

  • Chinese medicinal herbs – ginseng, lingchih and pollens, soybean extracts (eg. Japanese fermented soybeans, and botanical extracts.
  • Weight reduction and related products – dietary supplements, immunoglobin powdered milk, protein products, chicken extracts.
  • Vitamins and minerals – multi-vitamins, glucosamine complex, minerals, amino acid, calcium, vitamins and some newly introduced items – legume (nedou) enzyme, Q10 enzyme. Aimed at improving liver, gastrointestinal, cardiac and artery functions.