Effective sales leaders understand that success depends on the growth and development of the entire team.
What does a leader do?

  • Establishing a vision for the team.
  • Building a winning culture.
  • Developing the strategy with their team and then driving it.
  • Thinking six months ahead.
  • Motivating and inspiring the team.
  • Establishing clearly defined and agreed on objectives.
  • Setting the example for excellence.
  • Communicating openly and candidly.
  • Developing and mentoring their people.
What are leaders characteristic?
Some of the most commonly observed characteristics of inspiring leaders are:
1-Strong Strategic Focus:
They are very good at ensuring that the business only does those things where it has the resources to do a good job and where it can add real value.
2-Lateral Thinkers:
They are particularly adept at drawing on experiences outside their own sectors and taking a much broader view than the norm.
3-Vision And Communication:
The leader has a very strong, customer-focused vision of where the business should be going. And they are also able to communicate their vision to their people.
Why people respond to leaders?
Being Listened To:
A business where only senior managers are allowed to ‘have ideas’, rarely achieves great staff satisfaction. Inspirational leaders ask for, and respect, what their people tell them about how to do things better, and they provide the resources to ensure that the solutions are delivered.
Being Involved:
Inspirational leaders involve their people in changes for them to be a success. They give their people the freedom and support to get on with the job. When you walk around these companies, there is electricity in the air – you can feel the energy and buzz.
Having Fun:
Fun is a great indicator that an organisation is innovative and is also a key innovation driver.
Being Trusted:
It’s no coincidence that, when you ask people what it is like to work in an organisation run by an inspirational leader, they talk about openness, honesty, respect and trust. These firms can boast highly committed staff that has a great sense of responsibility to their work.
Being Appreciated:
Inspirational leaders know that it’s vital that people feel appreciated and valued, so they show their appreciation through extensive celebration of success – both formally and informally.
With a leader everyone understands how their work makes a difference. This helps to build a commitment to higher standards where everybody is always looking to do things better.

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